Jackie Payton

Jackie Payton is an Agent of Aeternus Fidei, a true believer, and a “Slick Fury.”

Jackie Payton is ex-military, black ops. She wears sensible clothes, sensible shoes, and carries a sensible bag. She keeps her jet black hair cropped close, wears one pair of earrings, a simple gold cross, has no tattoos, smokes Kools, and thinks The Agency is cheap, because it is, and that Shavonne Sheridan is a bimbo with a capital BIMBO, and Jackie doesn’t hesitate to say as much. A weapons expert and certifiable adrenaline junkie, Jackie’s job is recon. Take down a real vampire? Hell yes, she’s in.

But how far will Jackie go to get close to Demetri? And when Arbuckle Bruner decides he wants her, how will she resist? Will she be able to find out what she needs to, without paying for it with her life?

Jackie Payton likes a good fight, more than that though, she likes a good adventure, and she doesn’t like to lose. As The Aeternus Fidei is an organization that, in part, hunts vampires, and other monsters, it made sense to me that there would be ex-military people working as agents. I wanted a character that would be the opposite of everything that Shavonne is, to provide a contrast. Originally a somewhat minor character, I expanded her story as I realized that her willingness to get the job done was something that I could tell more of the overall story with. I wouldn’t try to hustle Jackie, even if you managed it, she’d probably clean the floor with you.

Jackie Payton makes her first appearance in THE SLICK FURIES in chapter eight.


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