Althea Lana

Althea Lana is a witch, and part owner of The Crystal Witch bookstore.

Althea Lana is in her mid to late fifties, an attractive older lady, she’s kind of a hippie with too many animals, and she’s a witch, who, in her lust for knowledge and power, has entangled herself with Demetri Altrani, knowing full well what he is. Her bookstore is in The San Sebastian and partially owned by Demetri. She would not have her house if it were not for Demetri. Althea believed that, in time, Demetri would share more of his knowledge of magic with her, and so she compromised herself, spies on him, and has looked the other way for years knowing that Demetri is evil, becoming complicit in his claiming of enumerable victims.  When things don’t work out the way she wants them to, will Althea’s conscience get the better of her, will she finally confess her own evil doings in the realization that she’s taken the wrong path to enlightenment? Will she be able to save his latest victim from becoming a vampire?

Althea Lana is one of two witches in THE SLICK FURIES, the other is seventeen year old Gretchen Proctor. Althea is something of a necessary foil for Demetri, someone under his feet for years whom he considers to be not much more than a pest, she isn’t loyal to anything other than her own selfishness, but  she is someone who, because she, however wrongly, believes her own motives to be good or for the greater good, still has something of a conscience.

Althea Lana makes her first appearance in THE SLICK FURIES in chapter ten.


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