Russ Moreacker

Russ Moreacker is a lawyer for, and an Agent of, The Aeternus Fidei.

Russ Moreacker has two very expensive suits, and both are more than a decade old. He took the job with The Agency thinking that it would look good on his resume, because Russ is all about appearances, even when he’s trying to make you think that he doesn’t care about appearances. What Russ didn’t know was that he’d never be able to quit working for Tom Lassiter and the Agency.  Russ isn’t a bad lawyer. He is, however, driven by an insecurity and competitiveness that consumes his every move, and he secretly hates himself for it. He knows that he is more deserving of recognition and accolades than Finn Treadwell, whom he simultaneously hates and envies. Russ Moreacker is the epitome of the guy who has to get the last word in. Even when it’s in his own best interest to walk away, he can’t do it. He’ll change his opinions to go along with whatever the current climate dictates. He’s convinced that he’s really smarter than everyone around him, he knows he’s more clever. Russ, is a schemer,  and he’d have never gotten in so far over his head with The Aeternus Fidei, and Demetri, if he hadn’t been making every move for one completely shallow reason or another. Will Russ sell his soul and switch sides in order to get the recognition and power that he believes he deserves?


The inspiration for creating Russ is that whenever there’s money or power involved, there’s a guy like him around, the consummate politician with no actual loyalty to anything other than himself and the moment at hand. I didn’t consider his physical appearance, though I would guess that he’s attractive, though not quite the catnip to the ladies that Finn is.

Russ Moreacker makes his first appearance in THE SLICK FURIES in chapter three.

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