Francine Crouse

Francine Crouse is an Agent of Aeternus Fidei, and a “Slick Fury.”

Francine Crouse was raised as a devout Catholic. At twenty years old, she seriously considered becoming a nun, it was then, however, that after witnessing a murder on the steps of the church, that she was first recruited by The Aeternus Fidei. After a decade doing research and clerical work, she was personally selected by Tom Lassiter to work undercover for the agency as a spy. From there she began working cases until finally, at age thirty-two, she was assigned to become a Slick Fury, to be part of the team hunting the most prolific serial killer in history, vampire, Demetri Altrani.

Francine lives alone in a small apartment. She adores her nagging mother, is a lot tougher than she looks, and believes completely in the work of The Aeternus Fidei. Is she smart enough to survive the most important case of her career?


Francine is something of the “good girl” in the story in that her personality or personal opinions don’t really enter the picture, she’s as loyal to The Agency as she would have been to the church had she become a nun. She does what needs doing, without questioning it or complaining about it. Does she like Tom? Does she have opinions about her co-workers? We never really know. Francine seems a shadow, as per her training and experience in espionage.

Francine makes her first appearance in THE SLICK FURIES in chapter twelve.



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