About The Aeternus Fidei

The Aeternus Fidei, also known to its members as “The Agency,” is the fictitious creation of author Teri Skultety. Existing on the fringes of normal society, The Aeternus Fidei is an organization cloaked under the guise of “The Aeternus Fidei Research and Development Center,” which currently inhabits the buildings of Saint Lucia House and Hospital, the real purpose of which is to guard the gateways to the underworld, and protect mankind from those immortal nocturnal beings that haunt the shadows of dreams, both day, and night.

The agents of Aeternus Fidei are hunters, criminal profilers, expert practitioners of science, and medicine, of alchemy, and the ethereal, they are sworn members of their order of eternal faith to the cause.

Join Talessia Sinclair, Northrop Sinclair, Finn Treadwell, Tom Lassiter, and Detective Bruce Valerian, on a quest through time as they watch over the citizens of the city of New Faith, and do battle with the vampire, Demetri Altrani, in Teri Skultety’s vampire hunter novel, The Slick Furies.