The Slick Furies, Pulp-Horror

I had no plans to ever write about vampires. I was writing a western, in which these creatures were swooping from the sky, attacking, and, as it so happened, they turned out to be vampires with pale lavender skin, and jaundiced, yellow, eyes. As the story began to unfold, there was also a shape-shifter, or … Continue reading The Slick Furies, Pulp-Horror

Francine Crouse

Francine Crouse is an Agent of Aeternus Fidei, and a "Slick Fury." Francine Crouse was raised as a devout Catholic. At twenty years old, she seriously considered becoming a nun, it was then, however, that after witnessing a murder on the steps of the church, that she was first recruited by The Aeternus Fidei. After … Continue reading Francine Crouse

Jackie Payton

Jackie Payton is an Agent of Aeternus Fidei, a true believer, and a "Slick Fury." Jackie Payton is ex-military, black ops. She wears sensible clothes, sensible shoes, and carries a sensible bag. She keeps her jet black hair cropped close, wears one pair of earrings, a simple gold cross, has no tattoos, smokes Kools, and … Continue reading Jackie Payton